Corporate news 22.5.2023 7:30

STA launches video service

Ljubljana, 22 May - The Slovenian Press Agency (STA) is launching a daily video service on Monday. Named STAvideo, the new subscription service marks a significant expansion of the STA's news product portfolio.

The Slovenian Press Agecy's videographer.
Photo: STA

"The STA has been producing video content for years, the effort having intensified in particular after 2017, when we launched our livestreaming service STAvživo. This has now been upgraded to a fully-fledged news agency video service, the first on the Slovenian market," said the STA editor-in-chief Aljoša Rehar.

STA director Igor Kadunc said this was an important day for the agency as well as Slovenia. "We are launching a new service that will allow us to be even better at our mission... We hope to attract many subscribers with quality and reliability."

Kadunc noted that the video service is not a part of the STA's public service. "Time will tell whether the Slovenian media space is developed enough for this new service."

"Without having experienced the support from the public in 2021, which was reflected in EUR 400,000 in donations, we might have been reluctant about this project.

"But we believe we have an obligation to donors to scale up our activities and provide a more comprehensive coverage of events in Slovenia," said Kadunc, referring to a campaign that helped the STA survive withdrawal of government funding that lasted almost an entire year.

Available at, STAvideo features livestreams, raw video clips from events and video stories selected by the editorial team.

STAvideo will also provide on-demand video production services, from livestreams of in-person, hybrid and virtual events, to multimedia stories.

The video service is produced by a dedicated in-house team headed by Lea Udovč. In the future, the service will be expanded with video content from partner organisations and creators.

As of today, the agency's existing streaming service, STAvživo, will be integrated into the new service. STAvideo will be available in a variety of packages suited for different types of users.

The service provides a deep search functionality and all speech in video will be automatically transcribed in near real time.