Corporate News

STA launches fact-checking portal

The STA has launched a fact-checking portal in the run-up to the elections to the European Parliament in a bid to verify the accuracy of statements and shed light on the functioning and powers of the EU and its institutions.

Annual review of events involving Slovenia

The STA English Service has released an annual review of events concerning Slovenia spanning from 1 January to 30 November 2017. An updated version of the review, covering also the last month of the year, will follow at the end of December.

STA launches livestreaming service

The Slovenian Press Agency (STA) is introducing live video feeds from selected events in Slovenia starting in October, a new livestreaming product called STAvživo (STAlive). The service will be provided in collaboration with the team at Vž, which has several years of livestreaming experience.

STA participating in intl information spread project

The Slovenian Press Agency (STA) is participating in the international project Renoir whose aim it is to analyse the spread of information in online media and social networks. The four-year project, which commenced in 2016, has already produced concrete results.

STA among Google media innovation grant winners

US technology giant Google has provided a media innovation grant to a project with which the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) and Slovenian high-tech company Quintelligence are developing a global news tracking tool.

STA picture service celebrates 10th anniversary

STAfoto, the Slovenian Press Agency's picture service, is marking its 10th anniversary. Since its was founded in 2006, the service has taken about 700,000 photos, with 150 new ones taken every day.