Corporate news 1.11.2021 0:11

Second round of STA crowdfunding campaign starts

Ljubljana, 1 November - The Slovenian Journalist Association (DNS) has launched another round of the #zaobSTAnek crowdfunding campaign in support of the Slovenian Press Agency starting on 1 November. If you wish to donate, send an SMS message with the text STA5 to 1919 (the donation will be five euros). Those who would like to donate a different amount can do so via direct transfer to the Slovenian Journalist Association account number SI56 6100 0002 5727 075 (Društvo novinarjev Slovenije), Vošnjakova ulica 8, Ljubljana.

A poster from the Za obSTAnek campaign.
Photo: Anže Malovrh/STA

Everyone who donates will provide essential help to the STA so that it can remain STAnding after months of government manipulations and disregard of laws. "The agency would no longer exist without the amazing help of the public. We can preserve it and by doing so say loud and clear that we will not give up on independent and professional journalism," the DNS said at the launch of the new campaign.

The DNS collected as much as EUR 274,743 in the first crowdfunding campaign in the spring. It has since received many calls from the public asking it to relaunch the SMS crowdfunding since there has been no progress and the situation has deteriorated further.

"Our shared goal is to keep the STA from collapsing and to protect credible journalism. For 305 days, the Slovenian Press Agency has been fighting for survival against the government disregard of law and its unwillingness to pay for the public service the STA is performing, a fight that we have supported with donations and expressions of public support."

The situation remains alarming and while talks between the Government Communication Office and the new STA management might bring progress, experience has shown that there is no guarantee for that. "The agency has suffered nearly irreparable damage as is. We are certain that the government must fulfil and will have to fulfil its lawful obligations sooner or later, but time is not on the STA's side," the DNS said.

STA journalists are exhausted working at full capacity and having to face uncertainty along with their families. The Slovenian Union of Journalists has been expressing concern over their problems for months and has also joined the campaign together with many other friends of the STA.

"If you believe you can help the STA get through this hard times with a donation, know that all donations count. Any kind of support counts, they need it. And we, the Slovenian media and the public, definitely need the STA," the DNS said and expressed gratitude to all who appreciate and support independent, professional and responsible journalism.