Corporate news 29.4.2021 16:21

STA boss rejects allegations he will get annual bonus

Ljubljana, 29 April - Following reports that the supervisory board of the STA approved an annual bonus for the agency's director Bojan Veselinovič, the latter said on Thursday that he had renounced the bonus right there at the session which took place on Monday. Meanwhile, the Government Communication Office (UKOM) rejected yet another public service payment.

Commenting on how this misinformation had spread, Veselinovič said that conclusions could be drawn from the fact that "one of the supervisory board members left the session before I made it clear at the session that I renounce the 2020 performance bonus in full".

UKOM boss Uroš Urbanija tweeted he was speechless that Veselinovič let himself be rewarded with two salaries, while employees only got some EUR 300 in performance bonuses. "And all the while he is threatening to sink the company in just over a month."

STA supervisors met on Monday, confirming the company's audited business report for 2020, which showed the STA had operated successfully despite the pandemic and suspension of state funding imposed by UKOM in autumn, Veselinovič said today.

In line with the law, the supervisors also voted on the director's bonus, which is foreseen for all heads of state-owned companies under the so-called Lahovnik law, the STA director also said.

The supervisors approved the bonus in a decree that states the bonus be paid out once the company's financial situation normalises, Veselinovič said, adding he renounced the bonus immediately, which also reflects in the minutes of the session.

Today, Veselinovič also said that UKOM had rejected the payment for the STA's public service for March. Thursday marks the 119th day since the STA has been left without state funding, while "arrogant attitude, lies, mud-slinging, conflict stoking within the STA team, and ignorance persist" on the government's side, said Veselinovič.

UKOM issued a press release, saying it turned down the invoice for March because the STA and UKOM are no longer in a business relationship as they have not reached an agreement for this year, which UKOM blames on Veselinovič.

UKOM also said it was impossible to verify reports that Veselinovič renounced the bonus. "But considering the situation, it is morally unacceptable that the supervisors approved the bonus in the first place."