Corporate news 21.11.2014 21:00

STA Reporter Honoured by Peers

Ljubljana, 21 November - Reporters honoured their colleagues at an annual event by the Association of Slovenian Journalists. A member of the STA editorial staff, Irena Joveva, is among the laureates.

Ljubljana, Lutkovno gledališče.
Drugi dan Festivala medijske kulture in trendov - Naprej/Forward so med drugim podelili novinarske in fotoreporterske nagrade za letošnje leto.
Novinarka STA Irena Joveva.
Foto: STA

Joveva, a freelancer working for the home policy department, received the award for up-and-coming reporters, alongside Mojca Pišek of the daily Dnevnik, as the first STA reporter to be honoured by her peers in 13 years.

Though only 25, she has become an integral part of the STA home policy team in just two years, according to the jury.